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SMARKTEC is an engineering company that supplies automated marking and traceability systems and solutions for the steel industry. The company is based in the Basque Country (North of Spain), which is a region with a long history in the steel industry and a worldwide benchmark for its quality and tradition within the sector.

The SMARKTEC team of engineers has over 30 years’ experience in the field. The design of every new solution is based on a thorough and systematic process analysis and research of customer requirement. This enables them to implement innovative solutions adapted to the specific need of each client.

SMARKTEC serves its marking and tracking solutions worldwide. As global supplier, SMARKTEC has had the chance to work with the most representative players in the industry, who have integrated world class marking and tracking solutions to seamlessly assure the quality of their products, innovate in their manufacturing process, thus increasing their competitiveness and improving their image towards their customers, pursuing their 4.0 strategy.

SMARKTEC is a member of SIDEREX, the Spanish Association of Steel Works Exporters and API, American Petroleum Institute, as global supplier of marking and tracking solutions for the oil & gas industry.