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SMARKTEC Multiple Pipe Marking Robot

29 June 2020

This picture shows the SMARKTEC Multiple Pipe Marking Robot. This marking machine is intended to mark alphanumeric characters and datamatrix codes on top of pipes.

The use of this robot is particularly useful in the production of seamless pipes (used in the Oil & Gas industry), as the robot marks the pipes right at the first position where it is possible: at the layer saw or at the index chain after the saw. This is the first position where the pipes receive an ID, so the first step to achieve the unique pipe traceability.

At these positions, the pipes travel in layers with multiple pipes. We need a robot with enough reach to cover the whole layer and an EOAT designed for this particular application, able to perform the marking and verification tasks within cycle time.

When a layer of pipes stops at marking position, the robot will perform the following marking cycle:

The robot will move the EOAT over the layer of pipes to confirm the number of pipes with the laser sensor.

  • The robot will move the EOAT over the layer of pipes to confirm the number of pipes in the layer with the laser sensor
  • The robot will move the EOAT down towards the first pipe on the layer.
  • In one pass the robot will:
    • Mark the content (alphanumeric characters and datamatrix codes) on the pipe with inkjet technology
    • Verify the content of the datamatrix with the vision system
    • Optionally, apply a transparent clear coat protection varnish to protect the mark against abrasion of the handling process

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