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SMARKLase Coil Marking Robot

16 November 2020

This picture shows the SMARKLase Coil Marking Robot. This robot is intended to mark hot coils both on their side and at their front. The robot is located at the downcoiler, right after the strapping machine.

The robot will receive the content to mark from Level 1 and it will perform the following cycle:

  • After detecting the edge of the coil with a laser sensor, the robot will mark the side of the coil with SMARKLase technology. This marking technology produces tag like high quality and resolution alphanumeric characters and datamatrix codes. After marking, a vision camera assembled in the robot will verify the content of the datamatrix. This represents the first step towards unique coil traceability (Traceability 4.0).
  • The robot will then scan the front of the coil and determine if there is any telescope error. If the winding of the coil is within tolerance, the robot will scribe the coil's ID (alphanumeric characters) with Single Nozzle Technology. This mark, approx. 100 mm high characters, is intended for human consumption and it is particularly useful to enhance internal logistics at the plant.