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SMARKLase Billet Marking Robot

03 August 2020

This picture shows the SMARKLase billet marking robot. This marking machine is intended to mark the billets in the cooling bed, after the pusher.

In this case, the robot and all the necessary equipment for the marking station to operate properly are installed within a standard 20' sea container. This type of mechanical integration is particularly useful not only for cooling beds that are outdoors, but also for indoor applications where the container protects the equipment against the dirty environment of steel mills.

The pusher pushes from one up to 4x billets at a time. 4x laser sensors verify the number of billets coming and convey this information to the robot. The robot will receive the content to mark from Level 1 and the cycle will go as follows:

  • Billet descaling with high pressure water (up to 150 bars)
  • Billet face painting with SMARKTEC's high temperature coating (we can go as high up as to 1100º C)
  • Billet laser marking with numbers and datamatrix code
  • Datamatrix verification

This marking verification is the first step of the unique billet full traceability process.

Being able to identify and track the billets this way is the first step towards being eligible to supply industries where the unique billet traceability is a must.