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SMARKTEC Cold Plate Marking Station

16 July 2020

This picture shows the SMARKTEC Cold Plate Marking Station. The marking station is intended to mark alpha-numeric characters and datamatrix codes on the plates as they move in the roller conveyor.

The marking technology used is a 32 dot inkjet print head. The print head is integrated in a moving carriage, which moves horizontally (along the cantilever of the jib crane) and vertically (down until it leans on the plate for marking). It includes an air blower to remove the moisture from the plate to prepare the surface for marking and an encoder, which will monitor the speed of the plate.

The cantilever of the jib crane can pivot off the line in order to make it easy for crane operators to remove the plates from the roller conveyor should it be necessary.

The marking cycle is as follows:

  • When the plate is travelling in the roller conveyor, the moving carriage will be expecting it in stand by position (over the plate).
  • A camera integrated in the moving carriage will capture the content of a barcode printed on a label stuck at the front of the plate
  • The camera will convey this information to the printer and the plate will be marked along its length