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SMARKLase Billet Marking Gantry

03 June 2020

This picture shows the SMARKLAse Billet Marking Gantry. This marking machine is installed at the end of the continuous caster before the billets continue to travel downstream towards the cooling bed. This mechanical integration is particularly useful when the continues caster has several exits to various cooling beds or there are two billets travelling at the same time in the same notch of the cooling bed.

The Gantry is made of 1x steel beam and 2x moving carriages. These components have been especially designed to work under the hardest environmental conditions. Each carriage covers 3x strands. Should any of the carriages have any problem, the other could cover the 6x strands.

When a billet stops at marking position, the carriage will move towards the billet and it will:

  • Descale the billet with high pressure water (up to 150 bars)

  • Paint the face of the billet with a hight temperature coating (we can go up to 1100 ºC)

  • Laser mark the billet

  • Verify the content of the datamatrix

This marking and verification is the first step of the unique billet full traceability process. Being able to identify and track the billets with this reliable technology is the first step towards supplying to industries where unique traceability is a must.

If you need an easy way to identify your billets, automate their traceability in order to automatically assure the quality of your product, you can get in touch with us: