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SMARKTEC Coil Marking Robot

11 June 2020

This picture shows the SMARKTEC Single Nozzle Coil Marking Robot. This machine is intended to mark alpha-numeric characters on the two sides of the coils, avoiding the strap. The robot incorporates a vision camera to verify the content of the mark.

The usual mechanical integration for coil marking is based on a robot, which provides the necessary flexibility to adapt to different coil sizes as well as marking positions.

When a coil arrives at marking position, the robot will perform the following opereations:

  • It will move the EOAT (End Of  Arm Tooling) to the coil
  • The laser sensor in the EOAT will confirm the presence and size of the coil
  • The robot will scribe the characters on the two side of the coils with a single nozzle spray gun, avoiding marking the strap
  • Once the mark is made, the vision system will verify its content
  • The robot will move back to its home position (automatic cleaning station) and will expect a new cycle

If you want to know more about this or other of our automatic marking solutions, please get in touch with as here: