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SMARKTEC Spray Block Hot Coil Marking Robot

03 July 2020

This picture shows the SMARKTEC Spray Block Hot Coil Marking Robot. This marking machine is intended to mark the hot coils at the down coiler, after the strapping machine, with alpha-numeric characters as well as logos.

Because of cycle time (less than 60 seconds) and due to the amount of information that has to be marked (4x lines 30x characters on the side and 1x line 20x characters on top of the coil), the robot uses a block of 7x spray guns that allows to mark one line in one pass, with 7x5 matrix type characters.

The environmental and process conditions make it necessary for the robot to be completely protected against radiation heat of the coils. The EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) and Axis 3 to 4 are protected with metallic panels and refrigerated with cool air to keep the operating parameters of the marking machine within range.

In addition to marking the coils, the robot also detects the telescope error of the coils. If this error is over the manufacturer’s tolerance, the robot will send an error signal and will not mark on top of the coil.

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