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SMARKTEC Coupling Finishing Station

The CFS10 has been designed and engineered to automatically paint the full body of the couplings, pain the color rings and final mark stencil them with a laser technology maker.

The proprietary painting technology uses the bag-in-a-box concept with water-based paint. The paint is supplied with a highly accurate paint supply that enables to control the operating costs of the machine by dosing just the exact amount of paint according to each coupling’s diameter and length, as well as the final thickness of paint sought on the body of the coupling.

The design of the machine is based on a central index drive with 10 positions, which allows to optimize the footprint of the machine to just 10 square meters.

The CFS10 is designed to operated integrated in the factory’s communication network in order to work automatically and unattended, regardless of the size of the couplings or message to stencil on them.


  • Compact design – small foot print.
  • Environmentally friendly:
        Water-based paint.
        Non-use of atomizing spray
        Efficient IR drying technology
  • The bag in a box concept enables a fast and clean paint colour change.
  • Reduction of operating costs, due to the accurate paint dosing mechanism and efficient IR drying technology.
  • Uniform and homogeneous paint coverture with well-defined sharp edges.
  • Reduction of the risk of thread contamination, because of the non-existence of spray in the environment.