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SMARKTEC Coil Marker

The SMARKTEC Coil Robot Marker is designed to mark OCR and 2D data-matrix codes directly on the surface of the hot or cold coils (temperature up to 1,100ºC).

This marking solution is based on a 6 axis robot that uses from one to 7 nozzle marking heads. The robot is fully integrated in the factory’s automation and works unattended except for programmed maintenance or specific manual tasks, reducing traceability mistakes. The high quality and consistency of the mark makes it possible to use machine vision systems for automatic data capturing and traceability. The vision system can be used in addition to detect coil winding defects, such as non-round ID, oscillation or telescopic winding.

The main advantages of the SMARKTEC Coil Marker Robot are the following:

  • High temperature paints (up to 1,100ºC)
  • High visibility of the mark
  • Compact and robust design that stands radiation and enables consistent repetitive cycles
  • High mechanical accuracy that enables quality and uniform marking for automatic data capturing
  • Automation of the print head cleaning process.
  • Automatic verification of 2D codes after marking
  • Reduces traceability mistakes due to automation
  • Optionally, automatic detection of coil winding errors with machine vision systems and laser sensors: telescopic, oscillation and non-round ID.