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SMARKTEC has a range of solutions to mark different sizes of beams: small, medium or heavy. The different mechanical solutions for single or multiple beams are designed to mark OCR and 2D data-matrix codes directly on the surface of the beam, at the exit of the straightening machine.

This marking solution is based on a heavy duty steel structure that integrates DoD ink-jet marking technology. Depending on the final application (single or multiple beam marking) the mechanical design may be mounted on a retractile pneumatic structure or it can integrate a number of DoD marking units, that auto-adjust to the number and size of beams that have to be marked. The marking solution is fully integrated in the factory’s automation and works unattended except for programmed maintenance or specific manual tasks, reducing traceability mistakes.

The most important characteristics of the SMARKTEC H-Beam Marker are the following:

  • High visibility of the mark
  • Single or simultaneous multiple beam marking
  • Fast writing cycles at the straightening process.
  • Robust mechanically accurate design for steel mill and harsh environments that enable consistent repetitive cycles
  • Marking directly on the surface avoids to use labels and losing traceability.