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The SMARKTEC team of engineers takes care of every detail to provide your products with an identity.

Engineering 4.0

Over 30 years’ experience in designing automated marking and tracking solutions, engineering software and communications to integrate marking solutions and assure the traceability of the products of the largest and most demanding steel groups worldwide. The SMARKTEC solutions are consistent, reliable and robust and are specially designed to work under the most challenging conditions in steel manufacturing environments.

Automation and Integration

The automation and integration of marking solutions within the manufacturing process make it possible for clients to optimize the overall availability of their equipment, increase their product consistency and reliability and reduce the costs derived from marking mistakes, human intervention and time between failures.


The systematization of data and specification gathering from the client is the first step within a normalized research process that ends up with the development of unique and innovative solution, which is tailored to the specific needs of the client, be it in a new plant or on an existing line.

Coordination / Leadership

SMARKTEC leads the project development and coordinates with the client its integration and commissioning in order to assure the maximum efficiency of the proposed marking solution.

Advanced data capturing systems – Traceability 4.0

The great mechanical accuracy of SMARKTEC’s designs allow to have automatic high quality and consistent OCR and 2D data-matrix code marking. This reliability makes it possible to use machine vision systems to automatically gather data and assure the full traceability of the single product.